On the way to “The Red City” or “Pearl of the South” this city had a lot of different names. After so many storys and photos from Marrakesh we finally here!!! Marrakesh is a city in southwest Morocco and one of my dream destination since 1001 night and the walt disney movie Aladdin. For me the magical city with the bright lights, colorful colors and yes cats…already falling in love just because of the many cats haha. It’s the first time for me on this continent too, so i was excited to the fullest. We arrived in the evening after 4 hours flight. The weather here is soooo hot over 40 degree! The marrakesh airport is really small and clear. At the exit was the public bus to the center  from the city. It cost only 3 euro per person and is better because the taxi driver want too much money for the short drive! We booked our 4 day citytrip by Urlaubsguru so it was a suprise package for us. We don’t know the hotel just see the pictures in the internet. After our arrival we was really happy because our room was so nice. It was a dream of every little girl. You felt like a princess in this white big heaven bed and the glamorous lamps on the ceiling. I love the little details from this small riad. After the check in we explore the streets and the center of course with my cameras. The impressions of Marrakesh was so insane and just wow! So many colors from the spices, carpet, lamps, doors everything. I take so many pictures in this short time, crazy! Take a look trough my impressions from this magical city and fall in love like us ♥


Up in the sky with the Transavia airline


Riad Dar Grawa

Our small Riad Dar Grawa was not far from the center and close to restaurant and stores. A Riad is the moroccan traditional small house with a centrally placed interior garden or courtyard. Everything was so lovely decorated.


The bathroom is also glamorous and beautiful


The big bed was so cool. I must say that my favorite color is white. The room “Sherazade” was decorated in this color and with a lot of stucco details, soo beautiful. I felt like a little princess when i woke up everyday! We always start our day with mint tea and fresh orange juice at the roof terrace and a sunrise view.


Strolling trough the Souk market


So many colors and patterns at the marrakesh Souk market. We bought carpet and pillows for our home. And a lot of presents for the family.


Magical bright lights, plates and orient lamps ♥ A dream of 1001 nights


The streets smells like spices and you can hear the seller call you in different languages. Everyone want to sell his stuff. Sometimes it can be very stressful especially when your so hungry and just want to go to eat something. Just walk straight to the restaurant and ignore helps really against this.


The Souk market is full with many people and tourists. Marrakesh is perfect for sightseeings. Here you can do a lot of activities like the sahara tour trough the desert. We don’t have so much time for that but next time we will do this for sure. The market is in the center of marrakesh. You can buy many beautiful things here, it’s a shopping paradise girls!


On the way to the center we saw a lot of street cats everywhere. We had to stop everytime when I see one because I’m a extreme catlover ♥


One cat has stolen my heart ♥ the baby orange colored cat I call him “Kiki”. He was so mini and sugarsweet but so ill. It breaks my heart everytime when i see him like this. We feed him with fish and fresh water. At the last day i was so happy to see him well. I wish I could take you home.


Bahia Palace


The Bahia is a palace with a beautiful green plant oasis and morrocan mosaic archictecture. You can find the beautiful details on every corner from this palace. This place is magical and nice to visit it cost only 1 euro and is not far from the center. I just can say it’s a garden goals so beautiful ❀


Food Spots in Marrakesh


In marrakesh you can find good food spots. The restaurants are easy to reach by foot and you can find many of cute cafes and restaurants with a nice view upon the city. Our first day starts with a lunch at the roof terrace. Typicall orient style from the pillow to the deco on the wall. The little details make them places look so special here. I love the colors so much!

But first coffee


My beloved coffee was yummy in the Babouch cafe ♥ We always had breakfast in cute and colorful cafes or just a quick bread breakfast from the local moroccan kiosk.




The last lunch we had was in the NOMAD restaurant with view over the whole market and roofs marrakesh. Check it out when you’re here! What a beautiful place, worth to eat there because of the view ♥


Magical Marrakesh


This magical city had so many beautiful places to explore and marrakesh treat us so good. It was a short but a awesome city trip. We had a good time here and we will come back for sure. Until the next time marrakesh ♥  After a journey is always nice for us to come back home especially when we have some treasures in your luggage. Little reminder from our adventures from all over the world!




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